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Chiu Tang
Aug 30, 2012

This restaurant seems like the spurned younger sibling of the popular, higher-profile, David Tang-founded eateries Island Tang and Kowloon Tang. Inconspicuously located on the second floor of the Cosmo Hotel near the Happy Valley Racecourse (note: not the Cosmopolitan Hotel; some dining companions confused the two), it’s all too easy to pass this baby by. But if you do, you’re seriously missing out—because the food is incredible.

Chiu Chow cuisine is known for tender roasted meats that have been marinated for ages in a soy sauce-y mixture, and Chiu Tang serves up some of the juiciest goose around, along with pork belly and pig’s ear among other proteins.

But there’s more: prawns encrusted with fried taro; an eggy oyster pancake; a huge cauldron of fried rice laden with pork, taro and peanut bits. Each dish was tasty and somehow homey, too, even if the city of Chiu Chow is not your hometown and the restaurant feels somewhat formal. Unlike the other Tangs, which have open-plan seating and pretty elaborate décor, Chiu Tang consists of five understated private dining rooms decorated in black, including one with a tricked-out karaoke lounge attached.

Despite the rather bare-bones setting, there are little touches that feel luxe, like tea served out of a large metal cistern and vinegar and fish sauce that sits on the table in bottles with crystal stoppers. Though a seating for two is possible, this place is perfect for a dinner party that can order a dozen dishes to share. Reserve at least 24 hours ahead.

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Stir Fry




2/F Cosmo Hotel 375 Queen's Road East
Wan Chai

Opening hours

Daily, noon-2:30pm


- (HKD400-799)