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Jul 05, 2012

Before the meal, we had our fingers crossed that WTF didn’t take its irreverent, quizzical name too literally. A new wine bar and Spanish/tapas restaurant in SoHo, the petite and dimly lit venue was pretty packed when we came down during dinner hour. Seated in a cozy corner of a long couch, we were faced with a giant work of art hanging on the wall, which featured a collage of film stills (from “Taxi Driver” to “Easy Rider”) that, though interesting, didn’t go very well with the overall romantic ambience.

WTF has a rather impressive wine menu; from the sangria list, though more innovative choices such as WTF-branded, cava and virgin sangrias were on offer, we opted for the traditional and the white sangrias to see how they tackled the classics—and the results didn’t let us down. The tapas menu, for its part, is standard. We sampled Serrano ham, sautéed mushrooms and the boquerones (anchovies with vinegar), all of which tasted fresh and pleasantly authentic.

The disappointment came, though, when the seafood paella (there were also chicken and vegetable varieties) landed on our table. While the squid pieces in the paella were juicy and tender, the same cannot be said for the prawns, which tasted like they were dead long before it was cooked; plus, the rice was bland. And since the paella’s portion size wasn’t exactly big, the $268 price tag seemed to be pushing it a little. We’d go back for drinks and a light snack, but for a full Spanish meal there are better options nearby.

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G/F 9 Elgin Street

Opening hours

Daily, 4pm-3am


- (HKD200-599)