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Dec 23, 2010

We loved the warm lighting, the wooden touches, the general ambience. We loved (most of) the friendly waitstaff in their cute little uniforms. All in all, the whole setup made for an unhurried, good-humored start to a late evening. The two of us played catch-up while browsing the wine-stained menu, and when the waitress came to our table we still hadn’t figured out what to order. So we asked her instead, and she got us to try a seafood tasting platter, which came as shot glasses full of shrimp salad, and tuna and salmon sashimi. The produce was fresh and tasty, but not as memorable as the calamari salad which we ordered next. The firm, bouncy yet completely tender chunks of calamari tossed with greens was simply amazing—and we could’ve gotten full on that alone, the portion was so large. But keeping in mind that we were, after all, in an Argentinean steakhouse, we ordered an 8oz medium Argentinean filet for the main, which came on a sizzling platter flanked by six condiments (from salsa to horseradish to mustard). The meat melted in our mouths and before we knew it the whole thing was devoured. To consummate our gluttonous journey, we ordered some churros con chocolate and a flan de leche, which we enjoyed while calculating how many crunches we had to do at the gym the next day.

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