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Jun 16, 2005

Post-Apocalyptic best describes the service speed and efficiency at this alfresco restaurant in Hong Kong Park. Perhaps the waiters were getting the food from Shanghai or Shenzhen? We witnessed several weddings come and go in the time it took to get to the check. Also, the ambitiously large nine-page menu covering everything from Thai to Italian significantly adds to the confusion. It's all a shame because the food (especially the Thai ) is above par and the atmosphere in the middle of the park is hard to beat. The chicken satay was great when it finally came; the green mango salad was light and refreshing; and the tom yum kung soup ($68, specially made without coconut but using milk instead for an allergic diner) was tangy and full of seafood The atmosphere was a redeeming quality, with the lush greenery of the park enclosing the outdoor section, while the indoors was bustling with numerous large groups at bombastic (and loud) functions: from tuxedo-clad wedding parties to relaxed business lunches. Clearly it has its regular clients, who probably come for the well-known weekday lunches or lazy weekend brunches. If the service could ever match the food and environment, it would be one of the most interesting places to dine in the city: imagine a lunch of tender grilled chicken with Thai herbs Pattaya-style, while elaborately dressed brides and their fawning photographers lilt outside the windows among the bauhinias. As it stands though, you're better off waiting until you have an afternoon to spare.

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Hong Kong Park 19 Cotton Tree Drive

Opening hours

Daily, 11am-11pm