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Swiss Chalet
Apr 20, 2006

Though the sign is English pub-esque, step inside and the interior inspires wonder at its uber-Swissness, done up in shiny medium brown wood with frilly white curtains at the windows. In an iconic chalet twist, the rosy-cheeked chef and owner bustles between the tables from time to time. The menu has a broader European flavor, with items like truffled risotto with pan-fried pigeon breast and pork loin with cream sauce sharing space with an entire page of cheese fondues. We ordered a mushroom fondue that really brought home the fact that cheese is just cheese. Even with fancy liquors added in. Served with stale squares of bread and boiled vegetables, it was not quite the taste explosion that the truffled risotto managed. Maybe it would work better in colder weather. The chocolate fondue, however, made everything all better, and restored our faith in pots of warm, melted things. Made with Toblerone and served with a platter of cookies, pound cake and fruit, it would make any non-chocoholic shudder. But for these kinds of prices, we’d forego the rest.

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12-14 Hart Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui

Opening hours

Weekdays, 11-10:45am