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Green Thai


Jun 14, 2007

An impressive alfresco area complete with Thai temple
wall stucco-relief welcomes you into a spacious restaurant. Bright-yellow flower installations hang down from its high ceilings. And it’s sweltering like Southeast Asia as the air conditioning system clearly lacked sufficient power to cool all that open space. So we ordered Singha beer and a pomelo salad (chef’s recommendation) to chill. The Thai waitress assured us that it wasn’t a spicy-hot rendition of the classic Thai salad. It came western-style with pomelo, cherry tomatoes, lackluster lettuce and a boring vinegary dressing; nothing hinted of Thai until we asked for chilis and fish sauce. The spicy coconut chicken soup was completely unbalanced - they seemed to have mixed boiled chicken, coconut milk and broth together at the last minute. The shrimp in the pad Thai noodles had obviously been peeled and soaked in water for hours because they tasted like... water. The lime and chili sauce of our main, steamed sea bass, was appetizingly piquant and tart, but couldn’t really mask the not-so-fresh fish. The baby kailan stir-fry arrived after we had finished everything. Its syrupy garlic sauce was delicious, but why did it take so long? By the time the free dessert came (pretty tasty jelly in coconut cream), it was pretty unanimous that it was the worst expensive Thai food we’d ever had.

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Shop 7 1/F The Sanlitun 28 Harbour Road
Wan Chai

Opening hours

Weekdays, 12:30pm-12:30am
Weekends, 12:30-11:30pm


- (HKD400-799)