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Pepper Lunch
Aug 02, 2007

The buzz: Phenomenally successful Japanese fast-food steakhouse finally reaches Hong Kong.

The décor: Hardly any, as it's but a single stall in the 200-seat food court shared by other restaurants. Get a seat before ordering, as the sizzling hot plate won’t stay hot for long. Bonus: instruction video at the cashier depicting how hot plates work.

The crowd: Meat-lovers who can’t be bothered with the fripperies of traditional steakhouses.

The food: The signature dish is “Shimofuri” pepper steak (premium beef marbled with fat). The beef pepper rice (rice topped with thinly-sliced beef, corn, spring onions and black pepper) and steak hamburger with fried egg are also hits in Japan. Their shake-shake salads (served in plastic cups with lids) are somewhat gimmicky light meals but hey, it’d theoretically help with the calorie-counting.

Why you’ll come back: Who can resist Japanese trends? Not to mention quickly-served sizzling platefuls of meat.

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4A Langham Place 8 Argyle Street
Mong Kok

Opening hours

Daily, 11am-11pm