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Kichi Jyu
Apr 16, 2009
Restaurant Reviews - Kichi Jyu

Dining at Kichi Jyu is an enriching experience if you’re interested in local anthropology. The Hong-Kongized all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant is located in the sleek and futuristic establishment known as “The Loop.” We had to elbow our way between the tiny tables, each just several centimeters away from each other. When we sat down, we overheard two ladies sitting next to us, talking about how much more hungry they were despite having eaten. Categorized from A to I, the order slips spoilt us with choices from sashimi to shabu-shabu. The portions turned out to be lady-sized, which was fine because it meant we could savor a bit of everything. The food itself was better than average, but for some reason the wait staff seemed all too keen to take away our dishes before we were finished. Alas, the most memorable part of our meal was neither the Hokkaido milk seafood shabu-shabu, nor the juicy grilled beef sushi, but one of the corniest and most grating happy birthday interruptions we’d ever experienced in a restaurant coming out from their speakers.

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Sushi / Sashimi




7/F The Loop 33 Wellington Street

Opening hours

Daily, noon-3pm


(Less than HKD200)