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Nov 19, 2009

The buzz: From the folks behind Nature’s Village and Organic Sense comes a new health-focused bagel store and café on Lyndhurst.

The décor: Harvest channels the modern New York deli vibe with its bright, warm color palette, the glass case displaying all the daily fresh offerings. On the first floor, high bar stools line the side-table where the tech-savvy bunch can surf the net on one of the café’s two computers (WiFi is also available). There’s also a small dining area above, which is perfect for the dine-in crowd.

The food: Bagels are the main attraction here. The café does seven different bagel sandwiches, including a special that changes daily. Try the signature smoked salmon sandwich, which is served on a five grain bagel and protein-rich, low cholesterol scrambled egg whites. You can also customize your own sandwich combo, with eight types of bagels to choose from and myriad different fillings, including their must-try homemade cream cheeses in flavors ranging from dried tomato, to avocado, and even blueberry. The café also does a nice range of soups and salads for your healthy-eating pleasure. We recommend the beetroot salad with crunchy diced apples and cucumbers in a light yogurt dressing, which is wholesome yet still tasty.

The drinks: Harvest specializes in drinks with a “healthy function.” Take the teas for example: the café stocks over 15 types of tea from the Traditional Medicinals and Yogi tea brand, and each one promotes a different function, from stress relief to throat soothing. The same goes for the healthy smoothies and juices, such as the “recharge” smoothie (a blend of banana, milk, peach syrup and whey protein). But for something a little more indulgent, go for the chocolate drinks. The velvety smooth white chocolate is absolutely delish.

Why you’ll be back: A professional nutritionist helped design the menu so you know the food will do your body good.

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36 Lyndhurst Terrace