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Casa Lisboa
Jun 10, 2010

Here’s hoping that the curse of LKF Tower won’t strike Casa Lisboa. The restaurant-heavy commercial block standing in the middle of Lan Kwai has seen a host of grand openings, and equally, some rather ignominious closings, but this authentic and friendly Portuguese place has reasonably priced dishes, decent service and a fun and memorable atmosphere. To start, the clams were served in a huge clay pot and simmered in a spicy tomato onion sauce. They were plump, juicy morsels but the broth was a touch too salty to be enjoyed with the hot, crispy bread that came with the meal. After the clams, we probably shouldn’t have ordered the seafood stew, which was wonderfully fragrant and thickened with sliced potato and tomato, but the dish itself was too similar to the starter to be properly appreciated. The signature suckling pig, though relatively pricy at $235, came as a huge portion that would easily have served two diners, were we not such piggies ourselves. The skin was crisped perfectly on top of the unctuous fat, allowing the rich flavors to complement each other well. Dessert was the only disappointment to this otherwise thoroughly enjoyable meal. The “custard cake with almonds” turned out to be a spurt of flavorless egg white foam shaped into bricks, with a few almond slivers straight out of a packet strewn on top. We wished we’d spent our money on two more glasses of the Portuguese house wine (a snip at $35) instead.

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8/F LKF Tower 55 D'Aguilar Street

Opening hours

Weekdays, noon-3pm
Sat, 11:30am-3pm


- (HKD200-599)