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Ying Kee Hotpot Seafood Restaurant
Dec 24, 2009

Ying Kee is a perfect example of why you can’t trust hearsay. Although Concierge, the Hong Kong Japanese lifestyle magazine, picked the restaurant as one of their top 10 hotpot spots, it surely doesn’t make our list. Naturally, when we got there we had high hopes about their food. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. First, though there appeared to be a large selection of soup bases, in reality all they did was put different toppings in a pot of ready-made soup. As for the ingredients, we ordered the famous sliced beef shoulder that many magazines have raved about. The meat was juicy and had a rich flavor, but we wish it was fresher. The major letdown was the seafood. We ordered conch and scallops—the scallops were a big mistake because they were not fresh at all. We wish the food quality was as good as their service though: this is old-school, family-style service where servers appear not to care but are secretly keeping an eye on all your needs.

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G/F 19 Wilmer Street
Western District

Opening hours

Daily, 11-2am


- (Less than HKD400)