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Khana Khazana
Jul 31, 2014
If it weren’t for the steady stream of patrons entering and exiting this unassuming commercial building, you might miss Khana Khazana. There’s no meat here, but the heavy aroma of tikka and garlic augurs well for the veggie offerings.
We pored over the thick menu and settled on a mix of South Indian dishes. For starters, the vadas (fritters dipped in a spicy soup) soaked up the excellent rasam broth without falling apart, and even tasted great on their own. The chaat (assorted snacks) platter came with several combos—all completely different flavors, all delicious. The paratha (flatbread) was hot and flaky, as it should be.
Some of our mains and side dishes were disappointing: the garlic naan was dry; while the paneer tikka was too tough and too mild. The palak paneer (cottage cheese and spinach) was decent, but a little watery and short on cheese chunks.
Though trendy diners might find the bare-bones surrounds a little lacking, Khana Khazana is an authentic and low-key option for South Indian food that seems to attract a steady following.

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1/F Dannies House 20 Luard Road
Wan Chai

Opening hours

Daily noon-3pm, 6-10pm