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High Street Grill
Jan 09, 2014

This new hip neighborhood resto is here to please the masses—and it succeeds.

Those Australian restaurant wizards at Castelo Concepts have released another winner onto the brunch-loving public. This time it’s in the form of High Street Grill: a chilled-out, family- and hangover-friendly addition to Sai Ying Pun’s growing restaurant scene. We’ve already been a few times to this comfortable, industrial-chic establishment—once for brunch and the other two times for late afternoon grub.

The entire front of the restaurant is open and welcoming, making it very difficult to walk by without at least stopping in for a cup of excellent coffee. If you’re very hungry, you won’t be disappointed with the typical Castelo menu, which aims to please all comers at all times.

Despite a slightly ridiculous price tag, we’ve ordered the tasty golden brown calamari rings with a garlic and herb dip ($120) most times we’ve been to HSG, and have also tried the steak and eggs ($145), a grilled chicken Caesar salad ($115), the fettuccine bolognaise ($125) and a hearty wagyu burger ($155). The steak and eggs breakfast had a perfect egg-to-beef ratio, but we would argue that the 150g Aussie sirloin was way overdone (despite asking for medium rare) to the point of tough. Our Caesar had big crunchy lettuce leaves, tender chicken, yummy flakes of parmesan, and while it wasn’t a deal breaker, the anchovies were just a touch too large and too numerous for our taste. If you enjoy loads of sauce on your pasta then you’ll find an absolute winner with the meaty bolognaise. And as for the burger, there were no faults to be found—a massive feat as it gets increasingly hard to find a decent and affordable burger in this town.

It’s a good spot for a cup of coffee and a nice chat with friends, and we had a waft of some sort of fajita dish last time, so that’s up next. If you live in the area and are looking to mix with your neighbors, this is the place to be. And it’ll only get better.

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G/F Hang Sing Mansion 48-78 High Street
Sai Ying Pun

Opening hours

Daily, 8am-midnight