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Oct 15, 2009

This place consists of two restaurants right across from each other on Third Street near Pokfulam Road, both with a no-muss no-fuss interior; the larger one snakes into a longer corridor, with a “private” room of unflattering lighting, and the only décor would be the board of daily seafood specials and various local food magazine cuttings reassuring diners how unbelievably tasty they are. As the name indicates, it’s BBQ, Asian-style. There are a lot of Japanese-inspired dishes: endless varieties of yakitori-type skewers, deep-fried Tosa-style tofu and enoki shrooms wrapped with beef; and the dipping sauces on the tables are spicy, Thai-style. Preferring something mellower, we asked for honey and got some. Once we filled in our checkboxes on the menu sheets, our dishes arrived one by one. Little deep-fried balls of squid cheeks went perfectly with our Asahi, as well as the Chinese hawthorn drinks we ordered to cool down all that hot qi; the chicken wings were bbq’d to perfection, charcoal crispy on the outside, tender and thoroughly cooked inside; corn was sweet, buttered and caramelized; succulent scallops came in two forms, skewered and grilled on the shell. The rising volume of laughter and rowdiness of the neighboring tables assured us that everyone was having a good time. Hey, it’s good old barbecue, and you don’t have to wait by the blistering, smoky firepit cooking stuff yourself.

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129-133 Third Street
Sai Ying Pun

Opening hours

Daily, 6pm-midnight


(Less than HKD200)