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May 24, 2012

We decided it was time to revisit Jashan for a formal review since its glam makeover late last year—and we’re happy to report that it’s only gotten better. Jashan is the Indian fine dining destination in Central, although the low lighting and vermilion surrounds lend it an intimate vibe more appropriate for a nice date than a business outing. While the menu may not win any awards for innovation—focusing mostly on friendly staples such as chicken tikka, crispy pakoras, masalas, and curry dumplings—their chefs are masterful in execution. Their delicious lamb vindaloo gets a special shout-out as one of the best we’ve had in all of Hong Kong. But that’s their regular menu; we were told they plan on bringing in master chefs from various Indian regions for special promotions, so all the more reason to keep them on the regular restaurant rotation. Also worthy of recommendation is their range of delectable desserts, especially the gulab jamun (deep-fried milk ball) and ras malai (cottage cheese in cream). The service is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful—we recommend other nearby restaurateurs to send their staff here incognito for a lesson on professional-level hospitality. If only the rest of Wyndham Street were on the same level as Jashan!

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1/F Amber Lodge 23 Hollywood Road

Opening hours

Daily, noon-3pm