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The Herbivores
Dec 13, 2012

The “green” food movement is gathering steam within Hong Kong’s restaurant juggernaut, with newcomers Mana and Grassroots Pantry joining staples like Life Café.

After a recent visit to Herbivores, we deem it a welcome addition to the health-conscious craze. It offered up hearty, tasty fare in a laid-back setting without being too uppity or self-righteous about its eat-right mission—exactly the way it should be.

A fresh-squeezed mango juice started the meal off right, followed by a “Japanese Crunch” salad dressed with a sesame sauce that was just the right amount of tangy. Loaded with mushrooms and veggies, the savory, creamy pumpkin carbonara was the perfect antidote to a chilly, drizzly day, while the intriguingly named “Spicy Temptation” (a chili-infused chocolate mousse with hazelnut) didn’t quite live up to its ambitious name but nonetheless added a bit of kick to what could have been a fairly mild meal.

An intimate (read: small) restaurant, Herbivores is decorated in light woods with lantern-style lighting and a communal table occupying center stage plus a small table outside on the sidewalk. Blackboards scrawled with bright writing introduce the menu. The service was friendly and prompt.

Despite the incredibly pleasant meal, though, we thought that The Herbivores just doesn’t stand out quite enough compared with similar outlets around town. While it’s worth a stop-in if you’re shopping in SoHo, it’s not necessarily worth a dedicated trip.

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35 Staunton Street

Opening hours

Mon-Fri noon-11pm;
Sat-Sun 11am-11pm