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Ned Kelly’s Last Stand
Sep 06, 2007

The buzz: Hong Kong’s oldest bar, Ned Kelley’s is a western-style pub that plays live jazz every night.

The décor: An Australian tourist assured us that it was ‘retro-Aussie-grunge-kitsch’. Old jazz and sports posters line every wall, while framed rugby shirts remind you you’re in an Aussie pub. But a couple of small design features take you back you to Hong Kong though, like the porcelain good luck pig sitting center stage.

The drinks: Pretty much the usual suspects, with (as expected) a good variety of beers. But there are a few interesting drinks, like a Brain Hemorhage, made of peach schnapps, baileys and grenadine, or the Mucking Fother mucker, which whatever it tastes like, provides no end of amusement.

The crowd: The relaxed atmosphere draws in the after-work crew, the live music gets the aficionados, and the food brings in the families. But they’re pretty much all foreigners.

Why you’ll come back: The live jazz is the best we’ve heard in a while in Hong Kong, and the bar is so laid-back, you can pretend you’re a gun-totin’ badass from Australia.

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