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Short and Sweet

Long speeches, long nails, long blazers – all relics of a bygone era, baby. Better get shorty, says Natasha Stokes
Apr 20, 2006

(Top row, Left to Right)

Remember the 19th century? The bustle is back, baby! $3,370 by Patrizia Pepe.

Be cuddly. Be short. Be brown. $1,780 by ABS from Tiare.

White may be the color of virginity, but you’ll look as experienced as that whore Jenny from the block in this chopped tux jacket that even comes complete with two tiny tails. $568 by aaa...shoop from Azona ao2.

(Bottom row, Left to right)

This is so rock chick meets-and-beats banker that my friend at CitiGold is already insulted.
$628 on sale from SPY House Henry Lau.

Is it a soldier? Is it someone really hip? Boggle minds in this cropped contradiction of an uptight blazer.
$868 by Apogee from Azona ao2.

This little piece of work is frayed and raggedy, just the look to look like you just don’t care.
$368 by aaa...shooop from Azona ao2.


Designer Rommel of label Apogee knows what to do.




  • Tight tanks. To highlight that ladylike waistline.
  • A-line skirts that hit at least past mid-thigh. Girls, rein in that inner hussy.
  • Boot-cut, slim-fit jeans. You don’t want to look like a triangle, do you?
  • Shorts and heels. Flats will dwarf your figure.
  • Loose shorts. They are your enemy.
  • Oversize tops. Again, the triangle look is tres un-chic.
  • Overly casual items like T-shirts. Crumply, unfitted and a total fashion paradox, really.
  • Pattern overload. If you have a plaid jacket, wear a plain shirt.

Check out Rommel’s collection at or
at Azona ao2, Causeway Bay and Harbour City locations.


Ao2, 22-36 Paterson St., Causeway Bay, 2808-0606.
Patrizia Pepe, Shop B&D2, G/F, Hamilton Mansion, 1-3 Cleveland St., Causeway Bay, 2890-6680.
SPY House, 1-B, Cleveland Mansion, 5 Cleveland St., Causeway Bay, 2317-0806.
Tiare, G/F, 53 Staunton St., Central, 2540-3388.

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