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Hong Kong's Best Instagram Users

These folks are among the best filter-wielders in Hong Kong. Follow them for some photographic fun. Compiled by Winkei Lee

Jan 10, 2013
Jethro Mullen

Angus Law (PhD student) @angushoyin

Daniel Haddad (food blogger) @danielhungryhk

Kim Lo (creative director) @lamma

Denise Lai (fashion blogger and graphic designer) @SUPERWOWOMG

Emma Chan (freelancer) @nahcamme

Boo (office manager) @xenaboo

Priyanka Boghani (journalist) @priboghani

Kim Chen (analyst) @heykm

Kyle, Chun-ling Yu (art director) @kyle_yu

Jethro Mullen (news editor) @jethromullen

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