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Sexy Nibbles

All that erotic talk getting you hot under the collar? Maximize your “performance” with these irresistible aphrodisiacs.
Apr 07, 2011
Café Deco

Aw, Shucks

Oysters have long been associated with romantic dinners and sophisticated courting rituals—thanks in large part to their seductively suggestive shapes and their high zinc content, which aids in the production of testosterone. Yep, there’s nothing like wooing your loved one with a sexy slurp and lusty gurgle. Here’s where to get your fill of the world’s sexiest bivalve.

The lovely Oyster & Wine Bar on the upper levels of Sheraton Hotel carries more than 25 different types of fresh oysters, so lack of choice will be your last worry here. They also prepare a delectable oyster Kilpatrick with bacon, shallots and Worcestershire sauce. What’s more, you can now choose the perfect glass of wine (which is, conveniently, also widely considered as an aphrodisiac) to match the oysters with an interactive iPad menu containing information on over 500 different wines from around the world.
Oyster & Wine Bar, 18/F, Sheraton Hotel, 20 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 2369-1111

Café Deco must have heard our lustful mating call, because for the entire month of April they’re offering an incredible $98 oyster menu that includes a complementing glass of Italian Tedeshi Soave Classico. Diners will get to sample three types of British oysters with this special menu: the Jerseys, with their crisp and fresh notes; the Cumbraes, woody and savory in flavor; and the clean and delicate West Merseas.
Café Deco, 1/F-2/F, The Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Rd., The Peak, 2849-5111

Meanwhile, Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees will also be offering an American oysters dinner buffet special for $318 per person, with a beautiful daily spread of freshly shucked gems prepared alongside equally fresh wagyu beef sashimi and Alaskan crab legs. This oyster special is on offer until the end of the month.
Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees, 199 Kowloon City Rd., To Kwa Wan, 2126-1960

Very Gingerly

Although not the most attractive spice around, ginger is supposed to boost and stimulate one’s circulation, and we all know what that could lead to…

Great Food Hall has gathered a whole collection of ginger products to help you keep your body in “peak” form. Sprinkle a touch of Waitrose Organic ginger powder ($25) in your food, or chew on a pack of delicious Grandma Wild’s ginger biscuits ($24.90), before washing it all down with a bottle of Bundaberg ginger beer ($10.50).
Basement, Two Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, 2918-9986


In addition to its many purported health benefits, chocolate (the good-quality, high cocoa-percentage kind—not Kit-Kat bars) is often considered an effective libido ramper-upper, and a well-balanced dose of antioxidants and caffeine could be the reason behind their capabilities.

After a tantalizing oyster dinner, you can ditch the foreplay and get down and dirty with Langham Hotel’s “We Won’t Tell If You Don’t” in-room chocolate menu. With over 20 different daily handcrafted pieces to choose from, the chocolates will ensure that both of you have the stamina to last through the night, and then some. Take a bite of the beetroot and raspberry vodka jelly in dark chocolate or the pink peppercorn and strawberry dark chocolate truffle and let the fireworks begin.
Langham Hotel, 555 Shanghai St., Mong Kok, 3552-3388

Aphrodisiac Asparagus

The French supposedly ate asparagus in the 19th century to achieve sexual prowess and enhance their orgasms. It helps that these long, thick stalks are physically reminiscent of a certain part of the male anatomy.

From now until mid-April, Tapeo has prepared a sensual asparagus dish for HK readers. For $118, diners will get to enjoy a tantalizing plate of chorizo fritters with asparagus served with crab and watercress. Previously available only around Valentine’s Day, the chefs here love our readers so much, they are bringing this naughty dish back to their tables until April 16.
Tapeo, G/F, 15-19 Hollywood Rd., Central, 3171-1989

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