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Top 10 Junk Hires in Hong Kong

Here are the best companies to sail you through Sai Kung, Victoria Harbour and more for that perfect Saturday or Sunday retreat.

Apr 26, 2016
A junk sails through Victoria Harbour during a festival in Wan Chai. Photo: Oliver Tsang/SCMP

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1. Aqua Luna

Aqua Luna is a charming red-sailed Chinese junk which is a great choice for larger parties, since it can hold a maximum of 80 people. The boat can be chartered for a variety of routes, including Stanley and Cheung Chau. This costs $10,000 per hour in the afternoon or $11,000–HK$21,000 per hour in the evening plus 10% service charge, drinks & snacks included. With rental charge of HK$15,000, buffet dinner available from 7:30pm- 10:30pm, which includes a variety of Italian, Japanese and Northern Chinese Cuisine, priced $688-$838. 2854-1813,

2. Jaspas

Jaspas Junk offers party junks for hire with fantastic food, chef and servers all ready and waiting onboard. Each of the six Jaspas junks carries up to 40 passengers, with a minimum of 14 adults and cost $700 per head including boat hire, food and all you can drink. The junks run to South Hong Kong around Lamma Island or beaches in Sai Kung and leave and return to and from piers in Central and Sai Kung. Jaspas offers rentals on weekends and public holiday with day-time slots from 10:30am-5:30pm and night time rentals from 7:00pm-11:30pm.


3. Jubilee

Jubilee has a large selection of fully equipped junks, with prices range from $2800 on weekdays to around 4500 for a 20-person junk. Jubilee junks have onboard air-conditioning, showers, stove, sun deck and audio equipment. But always call and check as prices change month on month.Open bar onboard starts from $68 per person and several Chinese and Western gourmet menus cost from $60 to $200 up per person.


4. Jumbo Charters

Jumbo Charters offers traditional Chinese junk rentals with a variety of boats which carry around 30 people. Various destinations are available and prices start at $4,000-$4,500 for weekdays up $7,000-$8000 on weekends. If you want to bring your own food onboard, Jumbo Charters welcomes you to do so without any surcharge, but storage for cold drinks will cost $150.  


5. Laissez Faire

Fed up with going to the usual crowded junk destinations? Laissez Faire prides itself on heading to cleaner, more secluded waters around Hong Kong. Whole-day rentals usually last eight hours with prices starting from $6000. A range of buffet menus is on offer from $100-$200 per person with a $100 delivery surcharge. Alternatively, you can arrange your own catering. Boat trips services start at the end of May and are only available on weekends. 


6. HK Yachting

Established in 2006, Australian owned and run HK Yachting has been known by its unique choices of boats, with all their sails hand-picked by their crew right from Australia before trekking 4,000 nautical miles to join their fleet in Hong Kong, making them all one-of-a-kind junks available for charter in the city, starting from $8,500. The newest addition to their junk family, Tarzan, a stunning party boat with a capacity of 55, was hailed all the way from Queensland in early 2015. A boat-only day charter is priced at $27,000, night charter from $24,000. and food and drinks packages starts from $370 per head. They also do ticketed events where you can buy tickets and don't need to charter the whole boat or organise a full boat yourself. 


7. Michelangelo

A gorgeous 80-footer crafted from tropical hardwoods, brass and copper. It's undergone a meticulous renovation and its 4,000 square feet will accommodate 59 people. Charters start at $24,000, while menus range from $420-$970. Overnight charters are also available for up to nine sleepers. You could go to sleep in Sai Kung and wake up at Middle Island.


8. Saffron Cruises

Saffron Cruises has six junks including a only Tall Ship in Hong Kong, The Bounty. The junks can carry up to 150 people with rental prices ranging from $7,500 to $80,000 depending on the type of boat. The same price applies to both daytime rentals from 10am-6pm and night time rentals from 7pm-11pm. Saffron junks offers catering with a buffet menu priced at $340-$420 per person. If you plan to bring your own food, a $500 surcharge will be charged for clean-up costs. Check out Saffron’s website where the staff will answer your inquiries on the online chatbox.

9. Hello Hong Kong Boat Hire

Hello Hong Kong offers day and night boat charters for y'all who wants to escape, for once in a while, the hectic city life. Hire their 47-foot Local Hero sailboat. Get a group of 10-12 together and take a private sail around the Southside, with a full crew and drinks along the way (from $8,500 for three hours). Best of all, you get to do all the sailing yourself—if you want to. 

10. Vikings Charter

Vikings Charter offers an exclusive weekday package for $5,200, including boat hire and two hours speed boat with banana boat, water ski and wakeboard equipment. Weekend boat rentals start at $3,600 with food menus at $138-$215 per person. You can choose from a selection of Chinese pleasure junks that can carry up to 25 people each. You can also bring your own food without any surcharge.



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