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Hong Kong's Best Online Grocery Stores

We in Hong Kong like life as convenient as possible—and grocery shopping is no exception. Here are our favorite online grocery stores in town.
Nov 11, 2010

In honor of our “Do-It-Yourself” issue, we thought we’d arm you with a list of online supermarkets, a relatively hot, new trend in town. Upside: you get to sit back, click a few buttons and voila, the magical grocery delivery genie shows up at your doorstep within a few days. Downside: even less reason to ever use your legs for locomotion in this town.

South Stream Seafoods

First and foremost, if anyone’s looking for a good ol’ turkey to cook up for Thanksgiving this year, you’ve come to the right place. Plenty of sizes and brands are on offer (Norbest, Butterball, Shelton Organic or Eberly Amish Raised Organic), both fully defrosted or semi-defrosted. Now that that’s out of the way, South Stream Seafoods has been around since the 90s, feeding the demand for high quality imported seafood, and particularly specializing in imported chilled fish and live shellfish predominantly from New Zealand and Australia. For competitive reasons, you’ll have to contact them for wholesale prices. They also stock a load of other goods such as breads, pies, oils, sauces and spreads and other stuff completely, including Mountain Green Baby Detergent and Softener (random?). $200 is the minimum order with a $45 delivery charge—the fee is waived for any order of $400 or more.

Health Gate

Health Gate claims to be the first organic foods store in Hong Kong, slinging a “healthy eating and healthy lifestyle” attitude to us lazy, unhealthy city-dwellers. Opened in 1992, they are now an established importer, wholesaler and retailer of over 2,000 organic and health foods and products, serving customers in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China and a few other Asian countries. They handpick the finest products made only from organic ingredients and give special attention to stocking products that contain no GM substances, and no MSG, preservatives or additives. People with specific dietary requirements will find that this store is exactly what the doctor ordered, with foods especially catered to those with gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free diets and also to diabetics and vegetarians. With a twice-a-week home and office delivery schedule, they’ll ensure your shelves (and cubicles) are stocked with only the healthiest items available!

LOVE Organic

LOVE Organic stands for Local Organic Vegetable Express and is the only social enterprise on our list of groceries-on-wheels. Funded by the Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Program and partners with SEED (formerly the Hong Kong Organic Farming Association), they aim to raise awareness and recognition of the working abilities of people with disabilities and other disadvantages. Download their online form to order seasonal goodies like bean sprouts, bean curd, okra, eggs, chives, mushrooms, and so on.

Bayern Gourmet Food

A family operation, Bayern Gourmet Food is currently run by a third generation German master butcher, Mr. Konrad Pschorr, from Bavaria. They offer a wide range of goods such as hams, cured meats, frozen and chilled seafood, beverages and of course—true to its roots—many, many different kinds of sausages (three pages worth actually). They deliver in refrigerated trucks and cater not only to private customers but also to hotels, restaurants, fast-food chains, supermarkets and cruise ships. Finding an authentic pork knuckle should no longer be that difficult the next time you want to cook up that German Schweinshaxe recipe. Select the items you wish to purchase and send in your order form for them to process and wait for them to get back to you. Free delivery with over $1,000 purchases, otherwise its $50 for deliveries within Hong Kong Island, $100 for Kowloon and $150 for the New Territories.

Epicure Direct

The brains behind this gourmet online grocery store have clearly put a lot of thought into their business as shown on their highly comprehensive website. Browse their products by category, i.e. seafood, meats and poultry, deli, organic veggies, wines and their gadgets and BBQ section that sells items such as meat thermometers and oyster knives. Read their foodie tips with recipes and browse their promotions section for the latest deals. Like I said, comprehensive. Their premium-grade produce is sold at online prices for home delivery, with goods being imported from countries such as Australia and Norway. Order by 2pm Mon-Sat for an afternoon delivery the next day on Hong Kong Island (free delivery for orders of $500 or more). Prices for deliveries vary depending on location and if all this information isn’t enough, you can even sign up for their weekly newsletter for the latest offers, tips and news.

Homegrown Foods

Another contender in the race for a healthier lifestyle, Homegrown Foods aims to reduce carbon footprints and teams up with family farms to bring locally grown organic produce to the Hong Kong community. Their goods are delivered in pretty pre-bundled baskets designed to last around three days. You can choose from four different purchase options, trial (five weekly deliveries), half-season (12 weekly deliveries), seasonal (26 weekly deliveries) and annual (52 weekly deliveries). Prices range from $1,270 - $23,280 depending on which option you pick and which size basket you choose (the regular suits 2-3 people, larges 4-6 people). They also offer “Little Extras” which are specialty packs that you can purchase in addition to the baskets or as a standalone item, like the “Baby’s First Food” or “Iron-Man Pack.”

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