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Santa Hong Kong Pub Crawl

(Sung to Deck The Halls) Fill my liver with $30 dollar cocktails, falalala, lalalala….
Dec 16, 2011

The Hong Kong pub crawl team has been hosting the crawls for about 78 weeks now - that’s more than a year and a half’s worth of drunken alcohol searching, so it's safe to say these guys know their stuff.

For their 79th crawl on Dec 22 (Thursday), they’re holding a special one just for Christmas.

Don ye now your gay apparel (aka wear your Santa’s hat) and celebrate the festivities with $30 cocktails, beer specials (2 beers for $30/40!) plus free entry AND shots at every bar.

If you’d like to start boozing up pretty early, join the team at the IFC roof around 8-ish (pm, you lush) while they gather their troops. It’s BYOB at this point. Afterwards, you’ll head to Insenses (formerly Bassment). Get smashed on the cheap specials to literally crawl to the other 3 bars.

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