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Your field guide to the types in toppers.

By Natasha Stokes | Nov 17, 2005

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  • Hatspotting
    The Fedora $418 from ao2
  • Hatspotting
    The Beanie $620 by Pur, from Emergency Room
  • Hatspotting
    The Huge Headband $268 from ao2
  • Hatspotting
    The Flat Cap $520 by House of Hats, Emergency Room
  • Hatspotting
    The Trucker Cap $590 by Ed Hardy, Emergency Room
  • Hatspotting
    The Baker's Cap $338 from ao2
  • Hatspotting
    The Cowboy Hat $580 by Double S, from Midwest
  • Hatspotting
    The Fisherman's Hat $220 by Volcom, from X-Game

The Fedora

An unusually dressed individual, he who wears the fedora is in possession of class and character.

Listens to: Alice Russell, Mr. Scruff and other hip music he’ll introduce you to when you sit down for a bottle of Stella Artois
Good at: Choosing furniture
Wears: Blazers over T-shirts with witty political slogans
Is dating: Someone cute
Should be dating: It’s hard to say who can take the stylish heat of a Fedora.
The exception: Your grandpa

The Beanie

Stage one in the evolution of a hat wearer, the beanie is the gateway to more hardcore hats and tends to be worn by those with a lo-fi, chilled-out disposition.

Listens to: Cypress Hill and The White Stripes
Good at: Walking around with their hands in their pockets
Wears: Functional clothes that may double as fashion when need be
Is dating: Probably nobody unless the beanie says CK on the side, in which case they're probably dating someone who hangs out at Dragon-i.
Should be dating: Another Beanie
The exception: The excessively pretty girl who doesn’t let her boyfriend go out with his female friends.

The Huge Headband

While not technically a hat, this head covering has vaguely Rastafarian leanings. And attitude. You need it to pull off this much texture.

Listens to: Swings wildly between rap and reggae
Good at: Dreading Asian hair
Wears: Anything from baggy clothing to those strange leggings with a saggy crotch
Is dating: A musician
Should be dating: The Fisherman’s Hat
The exception: Alice in Wonderland

The Flat Cap

Preppy yet trendy, the modern wearer of this hat is the lovechild of Abercrombie and Fitch and I.T.

Listens to: Funky house (Christina Aguilera on off days)
Good at: Organizing parties that rock the piazza
Wears: Levi’s Classic Cut and layers
Is dating: Another Flat Cap
Should be dating: Someone who doesn’t wear a hat at all.
The exception: The person who just likes to wear hats, full stop.

The Trucker Cap

Overheard: “The open back keeps my head cool!” Sir, please. Say no more.

Listens to: 50 Cent
Good at: Crib-walking (pimp-rolling during off-peak hours)
Wears: The male of the species has managed to secure the world’s largest pants, while the female struts in a midget miniskirt.
Is dating: Someone else in a trucker cap
Should be dating: Only another Trucker Cap will take this sucker in.
The exception: The person who’s beyond caring about what people say, because the cap really does keep his head cool.

Baker Boy Cap (aka the Irish Eight-Piece)

This is the most flattering of hats, and you can be sure the wearer is female and fancies herself to be a cutie.
Listens to: R. Kelly and Beyonce
Good at: Tilting hats at the right angle
Wears: Slim-fit hipsters and white angora tops
Is dating: The next big thing in Canto-pop
Should be dating: The Fisherman’s Hat
The exception: The gay hottie with great bone structure

The Cowboy Hat

A curious character, the wearer of the cowboy hat gives off a tremendous aura of bravado that is necessary to transcend the ostentation of the hat itself.

Listens to: Rock'n'roll
Good at: Dirty dancing
Wears: The bearer of the cowboy hat tends to dress fairly conservative beneath his flipped lid.
Is dating: A giggling barfly
Should be dating: The Baker Boy Cap
The exception: The drunken lout

The Fisherman’s Hat

Fisherman’s Hat wearers tend to be fat men with a penchant for oversized clothing and “herbal” beats. Be this physically true or not, inside, the fat man lives.

Listens to: Snoop Dogg and Roots Manuva
Good at: Amateur beat-boxing
Wears: Rocawear and Sean John
Is dating: A skinny girl with long straight hair and huge silver hoop earrings
Should be dating: The Baker Boy Cap
The exception: A girl


Midwest Shop 63, Victoria Center, 15 Watson Road, North Point, 2802-6886

X-Game G/F, Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, 2366-9293

Azona ao2 22-36 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, 2808-0606
Emergency Room Shop 145, 1/F, Causeway Place, Causeway Bay, 3113-0608

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