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Hong Kong restaurant REVIEW:
Under Bridge Spicy Crab
Phone: 2834-6818 / 2573-7698 / 2893-1289
Under Bridge Spicy Crab, 421-429 Lockhart Rd., near Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Causeway Bay

Nearest Train:

Causeway Bay

Opening Hours:

daily 6pm-6am

Price Range:



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There used to be just one of these places, now there are four, all within walking distance of each other. We were shown a live but not so kicking crab, and friendly and easy haggling ensued over the price. You pick the level of spice and we requested “mild” so the mountain of fried chili, garlic and scallions did not overpower the crab’s briny, mineral freshness that burst in your mouth. A sweet yau mak choi and garlic stir-fry kept its crunch, and “small” steamed scallops turned out to be humongous, the roe perfectly juicy.

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