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Hong Kong restaurant REVIEW:
Tim Ho Wan
Phone: 2332-3078
Tim Ho Wan, Shop 12A, 1/F, IFC Mall, 8 Finance St., Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China



Nearest Train:

Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

daily 9am-9pm

Price Range:




Reviewed In:

December, 2011
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  • Tim Ho Wan

IFC’s Tim Ho Wan is the third branch of the original Mong Kok-based Michelin-starred hole-in-the-wall that still generates queues on a daily basis.

Owned by former Lung King Heen chef Mak Kwai-pui, Tim Ho Wan offers a set selection of dim sum day and night—nothing more, nothing less. The branch at IFC is hardly humble, but with prices from $14 to low 20s per dish, it definitely sets itself apart from the swankier—and pricier— venues around.

On the weeknight that we went, there were plenty of people ordering takeout on the side and a handful more waiting for a table, but it took us less than 10 minutes to secure our seats. The tables are communal so you’re likely to be flanked by strangers delicately negotiating table space. No trolleys here—patrons tick off boxes on a piece of paper to place their orders.

There isn’t a big selection to choose from, but you’d be able to get all the classics like har gow, steamed beef balls and steamed rice rolls (cheung fun)—all of which we ordered along with their famous baked BBQ pork bun, steamed rice with beef and pan-fried egg, and a deep fried bean curd sheet roll.

The dim sum came without frills—no gold foil on the har gow or truffles on the steamed beef—but everything was spot-on. Meaty prawns, silky smooth noodle skins, tender and textured beef—the dim sum at Tim Ho Wan is exactly what you expect dim sum in its purest form to be.

Our hearts melted over the masterfully crafted golden-skinned pork buns—and we don’t even like BBQ pork buns to begin with! The dessert of chilled jelly with osmanthus flowers and goji berries, a fragrant and delicate cleanser, sealed the deal.

Tim Ho Wan is one chain that has its priorities in the right place.

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