Hong Kong restaurant REVIEW:
Sue Korean Restaurant
Phone: 2311-0133
Sue Korean Restaurant, 7 Kimberley St., Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Tsim Sha Tsui

Nearest Train:

Tsim Sha Tsui

Opening Hours:

daily 12:30-11pm

Price Range:




Reviewed In:

October, 2009
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  • Sue Korean Restaurant

Don’t let the nondescript shop front fool you—this tiny eatery on Kimberley Street does some awesome authentic K-food, which more than makes up for the restaurant’s minimal décor and cramped seating. The budae-jigae (also known as “army stew”) is a huge bubbling pot literally filled to the brim with spam, sausages, tofu, mushrooms, and vermicelli. The perfectly spicy broth soaked into all the meats and veggies, and the extra order of Korean ramen and mochi provided a happy dose of carbo-deliciousness. The other must-try item is the Korean rice cake wrapped in minced beef, which is grilled to a charred, smoky flavor on the outside but is soft and wonderfully gooey on the mochi inside. This may not be the prettiest place to eat your kalbi, but the food and atmosphere is truly fantastic. And isn’t that what good dining is all about?

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