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Hong Kong restaurant REVIEW:
Phone: 2302-0222
RyuGin, 101/F, ICC, 1 Austin Rd. West, West Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


West Kowloon

Nearest Train:




Open Since:

March, 2012
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  • RyuGin

Three-Michelin-starred Tokyo-based restaurant RyuGin has set up shop on Kowloon side on the 101st floor of the ICC. RyuGin was one of the restaurants I wanted to try—but failed to make a reservation for—on my last trip to Tokyo, so how convenient is it that we now don’t even need to leave town?

Chef Seiji Yamamoto’s project number two, RyuGin Hong Kong, is set to wow diners with traditional Japanese dishes that have been given a modern tweaking. Signature mains include a monkfish liver with seasonal vegetables in special miso sauce.

For this special sky-high dining experience, expect some sky-high prices to go along: a three-hour long, ten-course kaiseki menu will set you back $1,980, not including drinks or additional charges.

By Adele Wong

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