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Hong Kong restaurant REVIEW:
Phone: 2790-0928
Mayta, 3/F, Grand Progress Building, 15 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China



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Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 8-11pm; Tue-Sun 2-7am

Price Range:




Open Since:

April, 2013

Reviewed In:

May, 2013
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  • Mayta
    Arroz Con Pato
  • Mayta
    Causas - trio of mashed potatoes
  • Mayta
  • Mayta
    Aji De Gallina
  • Mayta
    Suspiro De Limenna
  • Mayta

Every dish at Mayta—Dining Concepts’ Peruvian venture—is bam, in your face, always screaming for your tastebuds’ attention. The place is a paradise for ADHD-stricken—not to mention snap-happy—foodies. Every dish is Instagrammable, garnished with colorful leaves, sauces, or both. But before you start thinking that this is the last place on earth you’d want to have a meal, let us assure you that the food is, for the most part, ridiculously delicious.

Peruvian cuisine is a mish-mash of cultural influences, and Mayta takes this to heart by giving each dish a creative twist: quinoa salads mixed with miso dressing or crispy pork steamed buns dipped in a sambal-style chili sauce can all be called Peruvian, apparently. Our group swooned over the crispy suckling pig with Andean potato stew—the pork was equal parts tender and sweet, with the fatty bits melting in our mouths like liquid gold. The arroz con pato (duck leg with rice) refused to be outdone, served on a delightfully thick risotto-like base and with a bit of a kick from every corner of the flavor spectrum.

Apart from the banana-bread-like corn cake, which some of us didn’t thoroughly enjoy for its unnaturally sweet undertones and pate-soft texture, all of the other dishes passed with flying colors. The dulce de leche with olive oil ice cream—an implausibly complementary pairing—sealed the deal. We’re fans.

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