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Hong Kong restaurant REVIEW:
Kitchen M
Phone: 2736-1832
Kitchen M, Shop 122, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Tsim Sha Tsui

Nearest Train:

Tsim Sha Tsui

Opening Hours:

daily 7:30pm-7:30am

Price Range:




Reviewed In:

May, 2011
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  • Kitchen M

We’ll start with the negatives first: the space is ridiculously small at Kitchen M—with a group of eight, we didn’t have much option but to sit out on the slightly-more-spacious balcony, which was unfortunately right in front of an outdoor mega-screen blasting endless loops of infomercials and jingles. By the end of the night, a few of us wanted to rip our own heads off. The food also arrived in spectacularly slow and unpredictable fashion; a plate of pasta here, a steak there, spurts of salads in between. We ordered to share—big mistake. None of us were full by the end of it, and didn’t dare order more for fear of further agonized waiting. But when the food did arrive, our irritation was temporarily contained. The tuna tartare with apples and mixed greens was a big hit; we loved the sweet, cool cubes of fresh meat paired against zesty, crunchy apple chunks. We also enjoyed the succulent and flavorful Australian tenderloin and the (admittedly conventional) pastas. We think there’s room for improvement in terms of the overall package but strictly food-wise, Kitchen M looks promising. (postscript: we ended up going for another round at nearby Tsui Wah after our meal).

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