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Hong Kong restaurant REVIEW:
Khana Khazana
Phone: 2520-5308
Khana Khazana, 1, Dannie’s House, 20 Luard Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Wan Chai

Nearest Train:

Wan Chai

Opening Hours:

daily 8pm-7:30am

Price Range:



Indian, Vegetarian or Organic

Reviewed In:

April, 2006
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  • Khana Khazana

Open a menu and a bhindi masala stares you in the face, right next to mushroom quesadillas, Singapore fried noodles and even a pasta pomodoro. This sparsely decorated place serves vegetable curries and deep-fried snacks as well as a selection of random Asian, Mexican and Italian dishes. Though not a promising sign, we ordered a mushroom quesadilla to go with our vegetable samosas, dal makhani and vegetable korma. The quesdilla tasted exactly like the vegetable samosa, which at least boded well for the authentic Indianness of the place, but was more about refried beans than any sort of mushroomy goodness. The dal makhani, a staple of vegetarians everywhere, was decent enough but the vegetable korma was an overly sweet, thick surprise. The vegetarian menu is not large, and though appetizing enough, Khana Khazana does not distinguish itself from the several similar restaurants in the area.

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