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Islamic Food Specialty
Phone: 6136-7518
Islamic Food Specialty, G/F, 123 Wuhu St., Hung Hom, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Hung Hom

Nearest Train:

Hong Hom

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 7pm-8am

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June, 2011
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  • Islamic Food Specialty

Far away in Kowloon there’s a trend budding—the fragrant aroma of roasted lamb, simmering beef curries and fresh baked breads wafts in the air at just about every street corner. While other wildly popular halal joints in Kowloon City focus on western Chinese cuisine, Islamic Food Specialty seems to dabble in a bit of everything—from curries and dumplings to beef noodle soups and even a few cha chaan teng-style dishes. Catering to the halal community with an “absolutely no pork on the premises” promise, this casual restaurant also attracts curious locals, who linger in front of the shop watching a duo of white-hatted cooks knead away at dough and envelop a hearty scoop of beef filling before frying the bundles over a flat-top grill. We started off with the beef pockets that got us through the door in the first place—a crunch into the thin skin revealed a burning hot juicy beef filling on the inside. The tender mutton curry was equally tasty, especially when combined with the fresh flatbread to sop up every last drop of the rich, albeit oily, sauce. Our tongues, numbed by the heat of the curry and an order of chili dumplings, were happy to gobble down some nappa cabbage in a white creamy sauce, even thought some of the leaves were wilted at the tips. Sure, the interior is a bit dim and the décor is lackluster, but Islamic Food Specialty is worth the trek if you’re looking for some hearty halal food and a change of pace.

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