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Hong Kong restaurant REVIEW:
He Jiang
Phone: 3167-7833
He Jiang, 1/F, Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong, 387-397 Queen's Rd. East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Causeway Bay

Nearest Train:

Wan Chai

Opening Hours:

daily 2:30pm-7am

Price Range:



Shanghainese, Sichuan

Reviewed In:

May, 2011
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  • He Jiang

We like it here. It’s a calm and soothing contrast to the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay, with a bright and cheerful interior thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows all along one side. We settle for He Jiang’s lunch menu, which comes with a soup, a starter and a main plus a bowl of rice. And because we’re craving starch today, we also order an extra bowl of dan dan noodles. We’re happy about the pork terrine and the snow vegetables with squid and soybean for starters; both are served chilled in dainty blue porcelain bowls. The soybean pork bone soup that comes next is quite average; we think they could’ve taken more care to strain out the extraneous bits of meat floating around in the broth. The mains are delectable by contrast. The sautéed eggplant with spicy garlic and chili sauce is sharp and feisty—every juicy cell of the gooey slices is bursting with the flavors of the thick, dark sauce. The sautéed diced chicken with chili peppers in dark soy sauce is similarly impressive. The “heat” of the dish, however, comes more from its high wok-handled temperature than from the spices themselves. To sum it up: He Jiang is a place with perfect portions and moderate flavors.

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