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HK Magazine's Valentine's Day Guide
Survive Valentine's Day with this guide to all things romance. (Click the images for articles) 50 Shades of Gravy There’s nothing sexier than stuffing your face. Eat yourself silly with your significant other this V-Day.   How Sweet Need to impress someone this Valentine's Day? Here's our…
2 days 15 hours ago
Valentine's Day Dining Guide 2015
Shangri-La-di-Da Add a fancy flair to your date this year with a night at the Island Shangri-La. Its three restaurants are each offering something different: Restaurant Petrus has a six-course dinner with sweeping city views for $4,288 for two; it’s all…
2 days 15 hours ago
The Pierside, Oddies, Pinot Duck, Boomshack
On a (Lobster) Roll Riding on a particularly London/NYC trend, newcomer The Pierside (G/F, 1B Davis St., Kennedy Town, 2398-1838) in K-Town offers two specialty mains: lobsters and steaks. If you don’t like it... get their slow-cooked spring chicken instead, which…
2 days 16 hours ago
Chef and restaurateur David Lai (of On Lot 10, and formerly of Bistronomique) has opened up a hidden little resto off Hollywood Road, serving upscale, sharing-style pan-European dishes in a minimalist space. HIT  The food is by and large of excellent quality,…
2 days 16 hours ago
Don’t try to order anything other than beef at Crafty Cow, Upper Station’s latest offering—and where the short-lived Antipodean...
January, 2015
Part of Delaney's group, El Charro (meaning "the cowboy" in Spanish) is a Mexican cantina which opened in December 2014. 
December, 2014
Sai Ying Pun’s former Awakening Café has done an about-face, transforming from a carb-heavy American diner serving chicken wings and oozy...
December, 2014
Not content with just being known for burgers and steaks, the Butchers Club group has launched Steak Frites by Butchers Club. Now, they’re...
December, 2014
New-ishly opened in Sheung Wan, this eat-n-go has a small menu of Shanghainese dishes for a light meal. Choose from the set meals ($48) of vegetable...
Hidden away in one of those tall Tsim Sha Tsui towers packed with dining outlets, Sushi Tokumi opens into a spacious restaurant with a charming...
Chef and restaurateur David Lai (of On Lot 10, and formerly of Bistronomique) has opened up a hidden little resto off Hollywood Road, serving upscale...
Head to this cheap-and-cheerful Cantonese diner for MSG-free, high-quality soups, handmade noodles and creative dim sum. HIT The dim sum set for...
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