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A Japanese Liquor Education

Can’t spot the difference between Sake and Shoju yet? Hotel Nikko’s Japanese Liquors and Cocktail Class this March could be just what you need to refine your rice wine palette and impress your date next time you go for Japanese.

By Grace Brown | Feb 29, 2012

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  • A Japanese Liquor Education
  • A Japanese Liquor Education

The course covers the history, characteristics, classification and grading of different Japanese liquors, as well as how to appreciate it and how to pair it with food. Instructor Sam Chong, Chief Sommelier of Hotel Nikko, will also take you through Japanese cocktail-making techniques and designing your own garnish.

Chong has over ten years of mixology and sommelier experience and was awarded The Best Sommelier Greater China 2010 by Hong Kong Sommelier Association.

The classes will be conducted in Cantonese and run on Saturday the 17th and Saturday the 24th of March from 2-4pm, at HK$680 per person. Sounds steep, but this includes Chinese handouts, utensils, a complimentary shaker, measuring glass and bottle of Koshi No Bairi Junmai Ginjo Namachozo (valued at HK$320).

Whether you’re keen to enjoy an afternoon of alcoholic appreciation, learn more about sake and shoju, or take someone on a date they won’t forget; this course is the opportune way to get ahead of the curve on the next big wine trend: sake.


Click here for the application form.

To enquire or enroll: 2313-4222
Course Venue: Fountains Room, LG/F, Hotel Nikko Hongkong, 72 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon


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