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Jaa Bar
Phone: 9099-2027
Jaa Bar, Pak Tsz Lane, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China



Nearest Train:

Sheung Wan
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  • Jaa Bar

The buzz: Its legendary location in a small alleyway off Peel Street is thought to be founding father of Republican China Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s secret shelter. Jaa Bar incorporates comfort and charm for a truly exclusive experience.

The décor: A former Chinese antique storage basement of a historical building is completely transformed. It’s now glittering with Louis XVI-style banquettes, a central chandelier and adjustable scarlet lampshades. The masterpiece is a custom-made wooden bar pieced together from classical furniture pieces like bookshelves and drawers.

The drinks: For a more casual choice, opt for a delicious “choc-a-tini” enriched with Baileys. As an alternative, the signature cocktail “Jaa” offers a great mix of Prosecco, raspberry liqueur, vodka and fresh raspberries. The “Obama” is a popular pick with blackberry liquer-flavored vodka, fresh blackberries and a touch of mint. Enjoy happy hour prices everyday from 3pm to 8pm.

The Music: For a relaxed evening with friends, this venue offers the best lounge and chill tunes. Special events will see the music change to suit the mood. Check out Jaa’s website for details.

Why you’ll be back: To admire artwork by modern artists from all over the world, whose pieces are available for purchase at Jaa; and to enjoy a complimentary bottle of Veuve Clicquot Posardin champagne upon membership purchase.

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