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Upclose with Emmy The Great
The local-born, but now London-based singer/songwriter talks to Tim Pritchard about returning to her roots and killing her friends.

By Tim Pritchard | Jun 25, 2009

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  • Upclose with Emmy The Great
    Up Close - Emmy The Great

HK Magazine: How does it feel to be returning to Hong Kong?
I moved away when I was 12 and have visited a few times since, but I’m so excited to be playing in Hong Kong! I grew up in Sha Tin and went to a local school. Being the only non-Chinese kid in school was at times lonely, but I have great memories of living here.

HK: What’s your experience of the music scene here in Hong Kong?
Before I left in 1997, there used to be a cool punk scene filled with kids from the German Swiss School that I really liked. Apart from that, I’ve not had a chance to see any live bands in Hong Kong, so I can’t wait to do so while I’m here. I know Tie My Shoe, I think he’s great.

HK: What are your plans for the future?
At some point I want to write more than songs, maybe a book about Cantopop. Faye Wong is one of my favorite Cantopop singers—she’s so cool.

HK: What inspires your music?
I’ve previously written songs about my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, and I also tend to get really obsessed with female personalities. “Edward is Dedward” is about a good friend of mine, but he’s a vain little freak, so I thought I would immortalize him in song by killing him off and putting him in a box.

HK: You’ve collaborated with the likes of Fatboy Slim. What effect has that had on your own music?
E: Every time I’ve worked with someone new, it’s helped to develop my music and push my own boundaries. To have worked with someone like Fatboy Slim, who’s at the top of his career, was so humbling, as I feel like I’m only still coming up.

HK: Any personal philosophies that you live by?
“Don’t Panic,” which is from one of my favorite books: “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

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