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Popstar Sammi Cheng
After a two-year break, Sammi Cheng Sau-man is back, starring in the upcoming film “Lady Cop and Papa Crook.” But gone is her notorious bitchiness. The reason? A newfound belief in God.

By June Ng | Oct 09, 2008

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  • Popstar Sammi Cheng

I’m a local-born Hong Konger. As a kid, I was boyish and hyperactive.

I have a very good relationship with my family. When I was 7, I almost died as a result of a medical blunder. My family took such good care of me.

I had German measles, but the doctor gave me the wrong prescription and I was hospitalized for at least a month. I ran a fever and my skin peeled off because my body temperature was so high. The nurse had to constantly rinse my body with ice water to cool me down.

I was quite popular among my schoolmates. And after I joined the New Talent Singing Competition, I became even more famous at school!

Singing has always been my passion, and I always knew that being a singer would be my next step after graduation. When I first saw a singing contest on TV at 8, I decided to become a singer when I reached 16, the minimum age requirement to join a contest.

I didn’t like studying. My first job was junior clerk and package worker in the toy company my father owns.

Getting on TV was the hardest thing when I first started as a singer. I had to buy new clothes and wear makeup all the time.

The worst thing was, I wasn’t a sociable person. Show business was totally new to me and I had to try hard to adapt to it. Only my courage and determination helped me overcome criticism.

I don’t believe that love at first sight will happen to me. But I believe it does exist.

I want to fall in love with a person who makes me feel comfortable, I want to be able to sense how important I am to him. He should make me a better person through our relationship, and of course, he has to make me laugh.

The first person I had a crush on was a schoolmate from my secondary school. He was very short, but he obviously had good taste because he liked me too!

If I run into someone I like, I’ll go ahead and fall in love. If I meet someone I’d
like to spend the rest of my life with, I’ll get married.

I think my baby will be a chubby one who loves laughing and looking at me. If I ever become pregnant, I’ll happily prepare for the baby’s arrival. Nothing can compare to becoming a mother.

I’m a Christian now, but religion hasn’t changed my attitudes toward love and marriage. My future partner can be an atheist, but he can’t worship other gods
or religions.

Couples that break up can still be friends. The opposite of love isn’t necessarily hate.

We shouldn’t be too preoccupied with our relationships. We’re all passengers in
life, and all experiences are just processes. You learn something from it, and then it goes away.

Marriage is just one of the chapters. Even if couples can’t be husband and wife, why can’t they be friends? It’s just a change in roles.

I was vain about my achievements and I thought in a selfish, egocentric way. But now, having a happy and meaningful life is a lot more important.

It’s just like believing in God. If you need to see it to believe it, then it’s not true.

A lot of people say the movie and music industry is not doing well, but I think the opposite. People need entertainment all the time; it’s what we need to make ourselves feel better. Good stuff will never die out.

I play a tough cop in my latest movie. But in real life I’m strong and fragile at the same time. When I feel weak, God gives me a lift. God has helped me through the difficult times in my life.

Never give up is my motto in life. I’m very satisfied with my life. There’s nothing I would change.

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