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    Sam Lee

    The movie star and Canto hip-hop DJ talks about seizing opportunities

  • Stone Nullah Tavern

    July 4th Feasts

    Get your freedom on at the city's best American restaurants

  • Three Years On: Does CY Leung Make the Grade?

    July 1 marked three years of Hong Kong under the leadership of CY Leung. Does “The Wolf” add up?

  • The Ballad of CY Leung

    In honor of three years under CY Leung, we present this biographical ballad

  • Rewind Vol.5. Lazy Sunday Session

    The Week

    More dragonboating, indie gigs and Hong Kong-style "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Just when you thought yoga couldn’t get any more hipster: For its latest yoga wear collection, homegrown brand Pure Apparel has teamed up with HK Walls (hkwalls.org), a nonprofit group that...
Rewind Vol.5. Lazy Sunday Session
Friday 7/3 Missed the dragon boat races last Saturday? Hit up the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival: three more days of frantic paddling, washed down with beer and tunes at the San Miguel Beerfest....
4 days ago
If you’ve ever wanted to have burgers in an old-timey circus train-like setting, this is it. Inspired by 19th century, all-American diners,...
March, 2015
The buzz: Korean-American gastropub Edition is part of a wave of new eateries offering Korean fare with a western twist. And if you know anything...
March, 2015
La Paloma
You can have pigeon at La Paloma (which means “pigeon” in Spanish) and a whole lot more besides. This upstairs Spanish restaurant is chef...
March, 2015
Chef Jack Carson of Restoration has FINALLY opened up his southern fried chicken shack in K-Town. Praise be!
March, 2015
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