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  • That Demon Within

    Dante Lam’s newest thriller is just a dash shy of a masterpiece

  • Sunset Beauregarde

    Travel Outfit Ideas for a Weekend Away

  • Noodle Me This

    Not all instant noodles are created equal—we put 10 strands to the test

  • Wham Bam Weekends

    Seven long weekend getaways

  • Steve Leung

    The leading Hong Kong interior designer talks about his dislike for classical design and his meticulously planned career

Sun 6: Oh Ship
Sat 5 The Fantom Menace Fantom the police dog dies after escaping his handler and getting hit by a car during a routine patrol in Tin Shui Wai. The dog had served in the police forcefor seven years...
Sat 29: A-Peel Process
Sat 29   A-Peel Process An elderly woman in Yau Ma Tei claims that her stash of 100-year-old chenpi (dried tangerine peels), apparently worth $20 million, was stolen by her son. After...
In the same building—which is about to become a dining mecca housing the likes of Jamie Oliver’s and Harlan Goldstein’s...
April, 2014
Wooloomooloo group has launched a new gastrobar concept called The Chop House, right in CWB’s new clunkily named entertainment complex,...
April, 2014
The Buzz: These days, Sai Ying Pun is so gentrified that it’s even got a New York Times trend piece to its name. And anyone who’s talking...
March, 2014
The Buzz: Looks like Hong Kong cocktails are about to become a trend—especially if the drink-crafters at Little Lab have anything to say about...
March, 2014

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