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Phone: 2512-3000
Oi!, 12 Oil St., North Point, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


North Point

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Fortress Hill

Open Since:

May, 2013
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The buzz: In case you haven’t had your fill of art, there’s another notable opening to squeeze into your calendar. Located next to the former Oil Street Artist Village in North Point, Oi! opened on May 21 with heroic aspirations. Aiming to “fuel creativity” and “ignite art,” this government-run gallery-cum-training studio plans to provide a community space for conversation and co-creation. Working with the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Oi! will offer training programs and experimental projects in an effort to engage youth and emerging talents.

The goods: The first exhibition, “Embark! Beyond the Horizon” explores various forms of water in an effort to depict Oi!’s past and future. Everything from mist to fog, waves to rainwater is fair game, and there’s even a multi-channel video installation featuring footage of the 2011 Japan tsunami. Part of the “Hong Kong: Our Home” campaign, the exhibit will run until August 18.

The décor: The space was originally built as a clubhouse for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in the early 1900s, and has retained its historic Arts and Crafts design style. There are three buildings in the complex—all with red-brick and stucco exteriors—that sprawl across 2,140 square meters. Between the galleries, a spacious lawn apparently acts as a “fusion of art and environment”—but it really just looks like the perfect spot for a picnic.

By Kate Springer

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