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Woman In Black


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Lyric Theatre, Academy for Performing Arts, 1 Gloucester Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Phone: 2584-8500

How Much:

$265-695 from


Wan Chai

Nearest Train:

Wan Chai
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  • Woman In Black
  • Woman In Black
  • Woman In Black

A solicitor is summoned to attend a funeral, where he spots a young woman in black whose appearance is unsettling—a ghostly presence locals refuse to discuss. But let's call a spade a spade: declaring a play to be "the most terrifying live theater experience in the world" is pretty bold. I mean, it's still just people on stage, right? Are they going to drop some heavy psychadelics into my coffee on the way in, so as to obscure my grasp on reality? In truth, the audacious claim makes me all the more interested to see this thing; a staple of London's West End for 24 years that's responsible for sending chills down seven million spines. 

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The HKAF brings three of Samuel Beckett’s best-known monologues to the SAR, with the playwright’s own friend and stage collaborator Walter Asmus directing. “Not I” is famously set in pitch black, in which a suspended pair of woman’s lips deliver a stream of consciousness monologue, supposedly “at the speed of thought.” “Footfalls” is the story of May, a middle-aged woman pacing back and forth outside her dying mother’s door. “...

Powering on after Valentine’s Day with a whole new season of romance, Brave Heart Theatre brings A.R. Gurney’s masterpiece (and Broadway sensation) "Love Letters" to the cosy venue of Premium Sofa Club. The play centers on two posh East Coast pen pals through a lifetime of romantic letter-writing as they share their hopes and dreams, as well as disappointments and failures. Savor the drama along with free Lithanian Svyturys Ekstra beer (while stocks last). As...

This ain’t just some sweaty cagefight. Far from it: Belgium’s Ontroerend Goed and Australia’s The Border Project join forces for a reality TV-esque stage show that explores why people vote—placing the choice between five “candidates” in the hands of the audience (yes, you) in a series of elimination contests. It’s a production that asks questions about the fairness of elections, the nature of democracy, and political manipulation. Kinda rings a bell...

UK’s Complicite theater group joins the HK Arts Festival for their Asian debut, adapting British novelist Zizou Corder’s best-selling trilogy for a family-friendly production on stage. The story is about a young boy named Charlie Ashanti who has the mystical gift of being able to speak to felines big and small. When his scientist parents have been kidnapped, he embarks on a quest to rescue them—with a floating circus and a pride of lions in tow.

No need to sift through the daunting tome that is Homer’s "Odyssey"—just grab tickets to the HKAF’s “The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey” instead. This UK production loops in real-time animation, cut-out paper puppetry and live music for an original staging of the epic tale.

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