West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2014


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West Kowloon Cultural District, West Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

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$100-280 from www.urbtix.hk


West Kowloon

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  • West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2014
  • West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2014
  • West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2014
  • West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2014

For the third year running, workers will erect a gorgeous 800-seat temporary theater out of wood for the Bamboo Theatre—the annual three-week series of performances of Cantonese opera, Chinese dance and contemporary music. This year's iteration will open with the timeless classic works of the world-renowned Plum Blossom Award Art Troupe of Chinese Theatre Association, who present four nights of excerpt performances in various theatrical genres including Jingju, Kunju, Yueju and mixed Xiqu. New to the program is the “Rising Stars in Cantonese Opera Showcase”, classic Chinese opera movie screenings, and an exhibition to preview the under-construction Xiqu Centre which will be opera's new home. Never a better time to catch this traditional art form!





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