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  • Artesian

    One of the newest additions to the TST scene, the Langham London’s award-winning bar has opened a spot right here

  • Hey, good-looking.

    Rugby Sevens Guide 2015: What's On

    Don’t miss the weekend’s biggest highlights.

  • A Winning Weekend

    The top satellite events orbiting Sevens weekend plus the parties that keep the fun going right through to kick-off

  • Insurgent

    The second installment of the "Divergent" series gets a welcomed style reboot but still depends too much on its great cast

Fashion brand Agnès b. is bringing back Rue De Marseille Live, a series of gigs set up to encourage the local indie music scene. Taking place at...
Mar 28, Apr 25, May 30
Hong Kong’s master of black comedy Matthew Cheng brings us a new steamy, angry, farcical family drama. It starts off with a spotlight on Mr Sit...
Through Mar 28, Mar 31, Mar 28-29, Apr 3
Photo: Raf Thienpont
Part of this year’s Hong Kong Arts Festival, the HK Sinfonietta teams up with Bulgarian solo pianist Plamena Mangova to feature her speciality...
Mar 28
Looking to do something a little different to puking in Wan Chai on Sevens weekend? Events organizer Bump brings us this gig at XXX, featuring UK...
Comprised of eclectic DJ Drafus Chow and Buzz Concepts Creative Director Ben Ku, DJ duo Disco Step Child holds a monthly residency at Volar...
Club night Hype Nasty returns to Volar, featuring sets from DJs Kid Fresh, Enso and Yao. As usual, it's more expensive to get in after 12.30, but...
Mar 28
release: Mar 19 2015
release: Mar 5 2015
release: Mar 5 2015
release: Feb 26 2015
Are you a fan of wildlife photography? Join in for an exclusive autograph session with Laurent Baheux at the IFC branch of art photography purveyors...
Mar 29
Art Experience Gallery’s first show this year highlights the photography of local artist MC. His brand-new works are serene close-ups of the...
Through May 9
©JR—ART.NET; Courtesy Galerie Perrotin
Established at the end of 2014, the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation (HOCA) focuses on promoting the contemporary art scene outside of...
Through Apr 12
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