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  • Birdman

    Keaton's untamed and vanity-free performance is a refreshing addition to the lineup of white men nominated for the Best Actor gong

  • Yuri Ng

    "We tend only to care about ourselves or try to steal the limelight. But in a cappella, everyone is equally important"

  • Cloud of Sils Maria

    A stylish, sexy and intelligent film with beautiful acting from its leading ladies

The world famous Riverdance Irish dance troupe shot hung up their dancing shoes in 2011, but apparently not even retirement can stop these fleet...
Through Feb 1, Through Feb 1
After much acclaim, local star playwright Candace Chong's "Tonnochy" will see a second re-run in early 2015. It's a play set in...
Feb 3, Feb 1
This very lofty name for a concert may actually be somewhat justified: “Ode to Humanity” is a collaboration between the Shenzhen,...
Feb 4
After the hugely successful inaugural Night Bite event in December, events organizer Fresh Off the Boat is back with a second edition celebrating...
Feb 6
Melbourne-based DJ Fantastic Man plays house and techno "with a nod to Detroit to Chicago." Does this refer to the seminal impact those two...
Feb 7
UK-based DJ Hot Since 82, or Daley Padley to his mother, was born in 1982. Which is a little disturbing, if you think about it the full ramifications...
Feb 7
release: Jan 22 2015
release: Jan 22 2015
release: Jan 22 2015
release: Jan 15 2015
Red Herring
Showing at Simon Lee Gallery before March's Art Basel crunch is Jeff Elrod, presenting his first solo show in Asia. The American artist creates...
Feb 6-Mar 7
Food and culture are inseparable facets of Hong Kong life: curator Janet Fong explores this in a group exhibition featuring six prominent local...
Through May 31
In exploring the dual meaning of “half a day” in Chinese, which can also mean “half of one sky,” EC Gallery presents a...
Through Mar 8
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