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Expect music, dance, poetry and a big veggie buffet at Bear It All, a charity event hosted by Animals Asia, an nonprofit that seeks to end bear...
Nov 27
Photo Credit: Darren Bell Photography
No other children's author has messed up kids' imaginations (and grammar) quite as much as Dr. Seuss has. Now it's all been set to music...
Nov 28, Nov 29-30, Nov 29-30, Nov 30
The second show from small-venue heroes Brave Heart Theatre is an original piece of theater from Maryjane Alejo, an actor-musician-singer and co-...
Through Nov 28, Through Nov 28
After a long 30 days sporting that scratchy bear, it's finally time to say goodbye. And this year's official end of Movember party is...
Nov 27
Belgian DJ Solo's mixes range from hip-hop and R&B to electro, house and even salsa and reggaeton, with some Bollywood and dancehall thrown...
Nov 28
See DJ Borrowed Identity spin a range of genres including house, techno and hip-hop at this Kee Club gig. Price TBA
Nov 28
release: Nov 13 2014
release: Nov 6 2014
release: Oct 30 2014
Intimidated by art galleries or just perplexed as to how artists ever pay their rent? Hosted by tour company Liuda, the SoHo Gallery English Tour is...
Nov 29
The Nock Art Foundation is at it again: Working to support and bring to light the works of artists in Asia, they're exhibiting 50 works by...
Nov 29-Dec 1
Wong Wo-bik is one of Hong Kong's most illustrious female photographers. Best known for documenting splendid old architecture before it's...
Nov 29-Jan 11
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