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The HK Ballet kicks off its new season with the Spanish flair of "Don Quixote"—the classic story of the crazy old country gentleman...
Through Aug 24, Aug 29-30, Aug 30-31
Cantonese power-pop band Kickballcar plays a chill Sunday gig at the hipster-tastic Full Cup CafĂ©.
Aug 24
Metal group Innercore is Hong Kong's first Nepalese underground band, and they're celebrating the launch of their first EP. The gig also...
Aug 24
Hailing from Moldova, DJ Andrew Rayel has been in the music biz since he was 13 years old—which actually wasn't that long ago, considering...
Aug 28
The Federation of DJs in Asia, or FODIA, is a new concept where DJs from all over Asia will be gathered together to spin. Naturally, the launch takes...
Aug 30
UK indie rock band Bloc Party's lead singer Kele Okereke is set to perform a DJ set at Fly. Sadly, the rest of the band won't be with him....
Aug 30
release: Aug 14 2014
release: Aug 21 2014
release: Aug 7 2014
release: Aug 7 2014
Galleries no doubt go to all the art school graduation shows to scout for new talent; and 10 Chancery Lane is showcasing their newest finds in this...
Through Sep 13
At first glance, this seems like an odd exhibition: but when you try to imagine your lives without locks, it begins to make more sense. This showcase...
Through Sep 30
London-based artist Otto Schade, better known as Osch, is showing in town for the very first time. His painting series "Orb" juxtaposes...
Through Sep 14
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HK Magazine Vintage Covers