• Wild City

    Is Ringo Lam's first film in over 10 years still on fire?

  • The Week

    Top 10 Things to Do in Hong Kong, August 21-29

  • Fantastic Four

    The best thing about this enduringly pedestrian superhero film? No pointless Stan Lee cameo

  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

    It doesn’t matter just how insane Tom Cruise is: It all goes away in front of a lens

A series of thrilling behind the scenes experiences are being offered to mark the landmark fifth anniversary of The House of Dancing Water—the...
Through Sep 26
Sensi Lion
Head to the Fringe Club for this ska and reggae extravaganza featuring some of Hong Kong's finest indie acts, including 10-piece ska group...
NYC three-piece A Place to Bury Strangers plays Hong Kong for one night only. Check out their noise rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze and space-rock...
Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes make up DJ duo Optimo, the founders of legendary Glaswegian (and global) clubnight of the same name, which spins...
Aug 29
Hailing from Yorkshire, Summer Wine Brewery is about to take over The Globe with five of its signature brews. It’s $195 for a five-beer flight...
Through Aug 30
What are you doing on September 3, our new and totally racist public holiday? Dating app Grouvly (if you didn’t know already, it matches group...
Sep 3
release: Aug 27 2015
release: Aug 20 2015
release: Aug 6 2015
Koert Van Mensvoort
Artsy mall K11 hosting its fourth Design Month. This year's theme is "Design for Life," and the works emphasise how design and art...
Sep 4-Oct 5
Kinez Riza
For those of you who think art and science don't mix, Hongkong Land is about to prove you wrong: Their collaboration with the Bandung Geology...
Sep 1-18
Expressionist painter Martin Lever reveals a new perspective on Hong Kong life in his first solo exhibition at PubArt Gallery. He reinterprets...
Through Sep 12
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