Nguyen The Dung: Unidentified Cows


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AP Contemporary, 28 Tai Ping Shan St., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Phone: 3105-2118


Sheung Wan

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Sheung Wan
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  • Nguyen The Dung: Unidentified Cows
  • Nguyen The Dung: Unidentified Cows
  • Nguyen The Dung: Unidentified Cows
  • Nguyen The Dung: Unidentified Cows

Whether its poker-playing dogs or Gary Larson's "The Far Side," personifying animals has long been the art-world's quickest way of making a point. Nguyen The Dung knows this, given that the 28-year-old has ridden the popularity of his cows-as-people motif to prominence as one of Vietman's brightest young artists. Yes, his first solo show in Hong Kong will have cows posing in pinstriped Armani suits and chilling in chairs, all lined in rows to reinforce the idea that the way of dressing and thinking in modern society reinforces a cattle-herd mentality. This blend of the surreal with satirical undertones makes for some fine pop-art, though there's a hint of darkness under the surface. What moo-ving art.

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