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Hong Kong International Photo Festival


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  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival
  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival
  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival

With the theme “From Like to Love, Live in Photography,” the festival returns this year, involving more than 60 activities, 200 local and international photographers and 40 organizations. The festival features six thematic exhibitions, including “Eye to Eye: Jockey Club Social Documentation Roving Exhibition,” “World Press Photo 2012,” “Parallel Visions: Japan and Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition,” “Reflection and Refraction: Daido Moriyama,” “Post-Straight: Contemporary Hong Kong Photography” and “Poet Merchant of Kin Tye Lung: Chen Pu-chi,” as well as various seminars, workshops and a photo competition. More program info, visit

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There's no doubt that this German, L.A.-based artist is an excellent painter, and his exquisite skill is evident in his newest works brought to Hong Kong this winter. But grand landscape painter he is not; Kunath pushes past the limits of the box and blends a flurry of romantic scenes with an array of pop characters that are almost kitsch—think brilliant sunsets and brooding forests and mountainsides overlaid with astronauts or fuzzy kittens. Occasionally, a rather psychotic...

Hong Kong-based street documentary photographer Emilie Rolin finally sees the fruits of labor from her two-year collaboration with Swiss poet Axel de Pontbriand. While Rolin sees a colorful pastel world through her lens in her new photo series, de Pontbriand writes thought-provoking poetry about Hong Kong scenes. Their works are exhibited side by side at Wan Chai’s Les Club de Cinq French Learning Centre.

Gallery Exit's new exhibition is a first collaboration with Japanese contermporary art collector Daisuke Miyatsu (also dubbed "the salaryman collector"), who curates this group show. Miyatsu focuses on rejecting the tired Kawaii style that's long been associated with Japanese art, and bringing back the classical Japanese aethetic of mono no aware—the gentle sadness in knowing of the transience of things—and how current Japanese artists are...

Russian gallery bigwig Erarta finally comes to Hong Kong. Its fifth worldwide and the first in Asia, Erarta celebrates its opening by showing more than 20 artists' works in its new two-story space on Hollywood Road. From jawdroppingly realistic paintings to playful sculptures (you may have already seen the half-woman, half-airplane piece by Dmitry Shorin in the gallery's front window), you'll be sure to get your fix of whatever art suits your fancy.

American artist Sherrie Levine showcases her works at Simon Lee Hong Kong this winter. Working through multiple mediums from photography to painting to sculpture throughout the years, Levine appropriates and transforms works by masters, in order to explore the idea of authorship and...

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