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Hong Kong International Photo Festival


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  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival
  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival
  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival

With the theme “From Like to Love, Live in Photography,” the festival returns this year, involving more than 60 activities, 200 local and international photographers and 40 organizations. The festival features six thematic exhibitions, including “Eye to Eye: Jockey Club Social Documentation Roving Exhibition,” “World Press Photo 2012,” “Parallel Visions: Japan and Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition,” “Reflection and Refraction: Daido Moriyama,” “Post-Straight: Contemporary Hong Kong Photography” and “Poet Merchant of Kin Tye Lung: Chen Pu-chi,” as well as various seminars, workshops and a photo competition. More program info, visit

Similar Events

Zhu Yiyong's latest show at Galerie du Monde celebrates 20 years of collaboration with the gallery, and is also a celebration of the gallery's 40th anniversary this year. Zhu is known for his iconic series "Memories of China," a monochrome series of oil portraits featuring girls playing cat's cradle with red string. This new series, "The Realm of the Heart," comments on environmental issues in China. Zhu paints scenes from smoggy Chongqing and Beijing in black...

Edouard Malingue presents the work of promising young artist Cui Xinming, a recent graduate from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. Cui paints sleepy, fantastical scenes replete with faceless figures that are almost like recollections from a dream. Through his paintings, the Chongqing native attempts to break down notions of grandeur, a colorful response from a modern generation faced with China’s tradition, values and beliefs.

Artify's latest exhibition shows off local artist Kwong Wing-kwan's mystical inner world: all celestial bodies, black holes and stars, contemplating the paradoxes of human existence. In this continuation of her solo show from last year, Kwong uses her paintings to compare how natural catastrophes destroy and create, how planets move in orbit but each one vies for a leading position within the balance—to her, it's a metaphor for the human struggle against fate. Head on...

Social documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado is showing a selection of iconic work at Sundaram Tagore Gallery through December. You'll be able to cast your eyes on more than 35 photos from across different series, including works from "Genesis" which focused on the untouched corners of the globe; and "Workers and Migrations," which looked at the mass displacement of people at the turn of the 21th century as a result of population grown, war, natural disasters...

Dustin Shum, co-founder of the independent art space The Salt Yard, gets his hands dirty for this exhibition, a continuation of his widely praised previous work, "BLOCKS." As the man behind the camera, Shum has documented public housing units all across the city in their quirky jumble of old and new, in an attempt to bring to light the problems faced by those living in the flats—some buildings are being refurbished, but with no real improvements to the wellbeing of the people...

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