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Hong Kong International Photo Festival


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  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival
  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival
  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival

With the theme “From Like to Love, Live in Photography,” the festival returns this year, involving more than 60 activities, 200 local and international photographers and 40 organizations. The festival features six thematic exhibitions, including “Eye to Eye: Jockey Club Social Documentation Roving Exhibition,” “World Press Photo 2012,” “Parallel Visions: Japan and Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition,” “Reflection and Refraction: Daido Moriyama,” “Post-Straight: Contemporary Hong Kong Photography” and “Poet Merchant of Kin Tye Lung: Chen Pu-chi,” as well as various seminars, workshops and a photo competition. More program info, visit

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In recent years we've seen nations all over East Asia fighting to claim several small, uninhabited and overlooked islands. Art spaces Spring Workshop and Para Site have invited a group of international artists—including Hong Kongers MAP Office, Pak Sheung Chuen, and Howie Tsui—to come together and think: what if it’s more than just about exerting power? What if there’s something more… mystical going on? Using sci-fi and fiction, the artists each interpret...

Zhu Yiyong's latest show at Galerie du Monde celebrates 20 years of collaboration with the gallery, and is also a celebration of the gallery's 40th anniversary this year. Zhu is known for his iconic series "Memories of China," a monochrome series of oil portraits featuring girls playing cat's cradle with red string. This new series, "The Realm of the Heart," comments on environmental issues in China. Zhu paints scenes from smoggy Chongqing and Beijing in black...

Hong Kong's artist trio du jour, Rental United, bands together for a retrospective show of sorts. While not really performance artists per se, the group always brings some sort of quirky happening to each of their exhibitions: Such as when they dressed up in wedding garb and took absurdly tiny professional wedding portraits, as a trio. Or when they stood posing on pedestals to allow viewers to study them as artforms. "Die Young" looks back at these moments which have "...

Catch a glimpse of some of the most iconic news images of the past year at the Macau stop-off on the World Press Photo Exhibition’s global tour. Featuring the winners of the prestigious annual World Press Photo Contest, these breathtaking images were snapped the world over and capture not only some of the biggest news events of 2013, but also life’s ordinary scenes in touching detail. Don’t miss the competition’s overall winner from American photographer John...

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