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Hong Kong International Photo Festival


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  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival
  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival
  • Hong Kong International  Photo Festival

With the theme “From Like to Love, Live in Photography,” the festival returns this year, involving more than 60 activities, 200 local and international photographers and 40 organizations. The festival features six thematic exhibitions, including “Eye to Eye: Jockey Club Social Documentation Roving Exhibition,” “World Press Photo 2012,” “Parallel Visions: Japan and Korea Contemporary Photography Exhibition,” “Reflection and Refraction: Daido Moriyama,” “Post-Straight: Contemporary Hong Kong Photography” and “Poet Merchant of Kin Tye Lung: Chen Pu-chi,” as well as various seminars, workshops and a photo competition. More program info, visit

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Photographer Lau Chi-chung is a bit of an urban explorer: he finds and shoots ruins all across the city, looking for traces of people's lives before they were driven away. Among the abandoned debris and rooms reclaimed by nature, Lau pays patricular attention to posters and wall decorations that hint at exotic vacations, new developments and picturesque landscapes. After all: who's happy with what they've got?

Love Hong Kong food? Obviously. The Museum of History presents The Tastes of Hong Kong—Local Food Culture Exhibition, which explores our food culture from way, way back. Learn more about Chinese tea houses, bing sut and dai pai dongs, via a collection of menus, tableware and furniture dating back to the 1930s.

The Liang Yi Museum, which houses one of the world's largest private collections of Chinese antique furniture, presents a bipartite exhibiton. The first segment, Tables and Chairs, features furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties (1880s-1910s), while the second, Extinct Pleasures, features compact cases made with rare and exotic materials which were commonplace before the CITES treaty which banned the trade of endangered...

As if Picasso's paintings weren't figure-bending enough already. Among the highlights of his ceramic works is a duck-flower-woman's head-vase, so what else can we expect? A Desmoiselles d'Avignon tableware set? See more than 100 of his colorfully glazed ceramic works from the Nina Miller collection, made public for the first time ever. If it's all too much, go for some regular ol' 2D weird—there will be a few of the artist's lithographs and posters on...

Since the 80s, British photographer Martin Parr has been fascinated by the subject of consumption, luxury, and national peculiarities, treading the line between art and documentary photography. His best known works include a series of snapshots from the 80s of the British working class holidaying in a decaying resort in Brighton. In his latest project, he looks at Hong Kong, snapping pics of tourists vying to step into LV, local butchers in their wet market stalls, excited revelers at the...

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