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  • Boatzilla party, April 25

    The Week

    Top 10 Things to Do in Hong Kong from April 24- to May 2

  • Child 44

    A dark, tense thriller—if you can get past the accents

  • Wild Tales

    These wild tales are worth watching

  • Artesian

    One of the newest additions to the TST scene, the Langham London’s award-winning bar has opened a spot right here

Like Marvel comics? These local improv heroes—who may or may not have been inspired by the crime-busting collaborative—are taking to the...
Something wicked this way comes this April: Sweet and Sour Productions presents the Scottish play, but it won’t be all neck frills and poncy...
The illustrious Kuan Nai-chung has penned many classic in the modern Chinese music repertoire, and the artist himself hits the stage to conduct...
This is what you've been waiting for ever since it got warm—junk season is finally upon us. Join Gweilo Concepts on another Boatzilla party...
Andy Hart, performing on April 24
Since starting out three years ago, Cliché has gone from promoter to booker to record label as well. They're celebrating their anniversary with a...
Apr 26,
Geronimo Shot Bar Hong Kong, Source:
Geronimo, the bar infamous for its bell—ring it and you buy everyone in the house a round of shots—is celebrating its second anniversary...
Through Apr 26
release: Apr 16 2015
release: Apr 16 2015
release: Apr 2 2015
release: Apr 1 2015
As one of the highlight events of this month’s Le French May arts extravaganza, the anonymous French street artist Invader will be inundating...
May 2-17
Courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery
French artist Eric Baudart will have his first solo show in Hong Kong at Edouard Malingue Gallery through May. His work is all about displaced...
Through May 30
The Cat Street Gallery springs back right after art fair month with the two-week-only Hong Kong debut of South Africa-born artist Conor McCreedy. Now...
Through May 2
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