HK Magazine Vintage Covers
  • Craft Brew & Co

    Unlike other beer joints, you won’t find a single mass-produced beer here

  • Herschel

    Baby Got Back(pack)

    It’s official: backpacks are in, and they are awesome.

  • Photo: Tim Moffatt/Flickr

    Kerala Duty

    A peaceful escape in southern India, Kerala is home to stunning wildlife sanctuaries, diverse cultural relics and miles of coastline

  • Escape Routes with Kate Springer

    Peninsula Paris, Cross-Country Biking and new Backpackr App

  • God, We Miss the Empire

    We miss our colonial overlords: Can we bring the days of glory back to the SAR?

  • Oppa Chicken

    Finally: a worthy Korean Fried Chicken joint on Hong Kong side

  • Under the Skin

    Relish the quiet terror of “Under the Skin”: you won’t find another like it for a very long time

  • Sundaram Tagore

    The art heavyweight talks about his philosophies and why he believes in creating a dialogue between east and west

When you see this, you can't help but run. Image: RFYL HK
Run For Your Lives started in Maryland, US three years ago, and since then the infectiously thrilling obstacle race has spread throughout the United States, Europe, and even Asia. After hitting...
14 hours ago
Photo: Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation
Sunday Funday…Hope Shines Through charity bazaar will take place at Stanley Plaza on Sunday 3, August 2014, from 10am to 6pm. The foundation is currently looking for donations of toys,...
18 hours ago
Photo: Dining City HK
The event will take place from August 1-10, and will involve more than 80 of the city’s finest restaurants including Gin Sai, Chicha, Sanche and Super Giant. ...
The Buzz: It’s a little late to the craft beer craze, but Craft Brew is a welcome kid on the boozy block. Unlike other beer joints, you won...
June, 2014
Taking over Heirloom’s old digs in Sheung Wan, Corner Kitchen Café has the same shabby-chic interiors—but it has revamped the menu, with...
June, 2014
The bar at the Envoy
The Buzz: Antonio Lai has done it again. The mixologist extraordinaire is one half of the award-winning duo behind the Tastings Group, alongside...
June, 2014
Hongkongers love Vietnamese food. So why is it that one of the most popular Asian cuisines in this city is always overpriced or under-par? Enter BÊP...
May, 2014

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HK Magazine Vintage Covers