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  • An Nam

    Come here for delicious, off-the-beaten-path Vietnamese specialties

  • The Style High Club

    Meet five up-and-coming local designers to get a dose of what’s haute in Hong Kong this season

  • Pink Martini: Sip it all up; (Photo: Holly Andres)

    Hong Kong Arts Festıval Preview

    We pick the best of the SAR’s biggest arts fest—get your tickets now

  • Ryan Hui

    Meet the singer-songwriter also known as The Stay Up

  • Comfortably Numb

    We go in search of the reddest, hottest, most tongue-numbing Sichuan restaurants in town

  • The Giver

    Teen angst is still going strong in our cinemas, and those meddling kids ain’t gonna stop until we admit how special they are

Tues 14: Runaway Bride
Sat 11 I Know Kung Fu A brawny man stands up for two strangers when they are assaulted by five men at a Causeway Bay bar. The man adopts the horse stance—the basis of most Chinese martial arts...
Wed 8: Shrine On
Sat 4 Fruit Knife? A man protesting against the occupiers in Mong Kok brandishes a knife and starts destroying Occupy Central’s street banners. Identifying himself as a tourist from Shenzhen,...
The buzz: When Wan Chai institution Joe Bananas closed its doors after 28 years, it was the end of an era… an era that was resurrected a few...
August, 2014
Wasabi Mayo and Hong Kong Style
This takeaway shop (with a few seats for dining-in) is a healthy alternative to greasy Americana. It serves poke—raw, cubed and marinated...
August, 2014
This Possession Street newcomer sits squarely between the greasy spoons and the high-end diners of Sheung Wan.   HIT The Lot tempts us with a...
August, 2014
Isono, tucked in a quiet corner of PMQ, is run with the help of Michelin-star-spangled Spanish chefs Paolo Casagrande and Martin Berasategui. HIT...
August, 2014
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